Your Exclusive One-Piece Curbless Shower Pan

Born of our belief in superior craftsmanship and innovation, Encompass™ Shower Bases are designed to bring your dream of a luxury bathroom to life. We understand the shower is taking center stage in today’s bathroom design. With more options and spa-like amenities, the shower is now a private retreat for daily relaxation.  Our patented design and effortless function is what makes Encompass Shower Bases so unique.

Designed, manufactured, and available exclusively at Sander & Sons, our shower bases allow you to easily replace your old shower or bathtub, creating a remarkable walk-in shower experience. A true marriage of form and function, Encompass Shower Bases provide elegance, curbless level-entry, and low maintenance. Our unique design encompasses the drain, the shower floor and a barrier free entry making your new shower one of a kind.

All-In-One Shower Bases

Our shower bases are one piece and come ready-to-install, saving you time and money. It is a complete unit with the shower base integrated smoothly with the built in linear drain. All parts of the base are constructed with 100% non-porous material making cleaning your shower floor simple and easy.  There is no tile required on the floor and your base arrives already waterproofed. As a single piece made up of solid material, it is also less prone to leaks.

Curbless Entry

Design elegance and easy entry. Our one-piece shower pan removes all barriers to create a stunning, walk-in shower.  Your shower will become the centerpiece of your bathroom and your own private retreat. The one-piece base is gently sloped so all the water flows to a high-capacity linear drain, creating a stunning curbless entry.

Integrated Linear Drain

The high-efficiency linear drain is built directly into our curbless shower pan.  This allows for better water evacuation, truly curbless entry, and a fresh modern look. Encompass Shower Bases are compatible with all standard 2″ drains.

Easy to Maintain

Since there is no tile on the floor, there are no grout lines to clean. That also means no harmful bacteria and mold, so you always have a healthy and clean shower. Also, the surface is non-porous, making it easy to wipe clean and keep stains away. See how easy it is to maintain with our Care and Cleaning Guide.

Multiple Colors, Sizes, and Configurations

Limitless possibilities and design. Encompass is available in over 100 color options, custom sizes, and three different configurations, allowing it to work in virtually any bathroom.

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Showers Reimagined

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Design and Function

The only one-piece, curbless shower pan that transforms your bathroom into a luxurious retreat. Learn more about how it works, color options, custom sizing, and easy installation.

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Affordable Elegance

You don’t have to sacrifice design for price. Our one-piece design with no need for tiling and additional waterproofing makes your dream of a luxury shower true and affordable.

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Boundless Design with No Barriers

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